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Swing Doors

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Automatic Applications

  • Automatic Operators make the perfect addition to an existing or new storefront door. We offer Low and Full energy options which make this application versatile for all doors.

  • Low Energy/Knowing Act - Low Energy Swing Door Operators require a ‘knowing act’ to set the door into motion. This can be a push plate or wave to open actuator.

  • Full Energy - Full Energy Swing Door Operators is any door that does not have a knowing act to activate the door. Example of this would be one that uses motion to activate the door. These doors require additional safety sensors in order to be code compliant

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50% Off

Manual Door Applications

  • Hollow Metal, Wood, and Aluminum Storefront Doors and Frames

    • Various Hardware Options

    • Fire or Non-Rated Doors

    • Typical Package Dimensions Include:

      • 3’0” X 7’0”

      • 3’6” X 7’0”

      • 4’0” X 7’0”

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