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Stanley Access Technologies

Edelman-Lyon offers all products that Stanley has to offer to fit our customers' needs. This includes Operators, Sliding Doors, & ICU Doors.

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BEA Group

The BEA develops sensing solutions that are designed to improve the performance and safety of automated equipment. Edelman-Lyon offers sensors on all of our services.



Edelman-Lyon understands every industry requires an automatic door tailored to the local, national, and federal accessibility codes and standards. We strive to provide convenience on all manufacturers we carry. This is to fit our customers' comfort needs for any application.

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Horton Revolving Doors

Horton Automatics designs, develops, and delivers high-quality, long-lasting revolving doors and revolving door systems that provide exactly what your building, office, or facility entrance needs


Record Automatic Doors

Edelman-Lyon provides all sliders & operators manufactured by Record Automatic Door. We pride ourselves in having technicians that can install any manufacturers' products.


Banner Solutions

Edelman-Lyon has access to Banner Solutions. Banner offers all major manufacturers replacement parts. This makes us able to provide any parts needed for repairs in a reasonable time to return as soon as possible and complete repairs.

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