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Edelman-Lyon Automatic Door prides itself in taking care of many healthcare facilities. Having automatic doors in healthcare facilities assists in many ways.

ICU Doors

  • We offer many options when it comes to ICU doors. We offer 2, 3, & 4 Panel options to fit our customers' needs. These also have many features available namely doors can be manual or automated, smoke & draft rated, isolation room rated, and many other features.

  • These doors can also be ordered with integral blinds or privacy glass (pictured) & can be turned off and on via a light switch. 

8300A with Privacy glass_edited_edited.jpg

Automatic Operators

  • Having automatic operators in a healthcare facility will improve efficiency in many areas. We always recommend operators in corridors with heavy foot traffic. These can be equipped with motion sensors to open or by a wave of a hand over a touchless actuator.

Corridor Dual Op_edited.jpg


  • There are many benefits associated with installing automatic operators and doors into your healthcare facility. These doors stop the spread of germs either by having a motion sensor or by opening with a wave of a hand (Touchless Push Plate). Also, these doors remove the need for curtains which saves time and money for the facility.

  • Ratings available: UL1784/NFPA 105 Smoke and Draft rated, Leakage rated for infection control according to the 2018 FGI Guidelines, ANSI/BHMA A156.10 & A156.38 full and low energy rated & STC rated

  • Options: Integral Blinds (Pictured) (Sliding or swinging doors), Electronic privacy glass, Positive Latch with hook shield, Self-Closing, & Electronic Fail-Safe Solenoid Lock

Integral blinds swing_edited.jpg
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