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Industry Applications


Doors in Healthcare facilities have requirements that extend beyond the scope of standard doors. Whether it is an ICU door or the main entrance of a hospital we have you covered.


Retail doors must be able to withstand high amounts of abuse. Our heavy-duty automatic sliders meet these expectations by providing more durable panels, resulting I fewer costly door repairs and downtime.

We take pride in offering high-traffic sliding doors able to maintain pedestrian flow and movement. Cart doo systems are offered with extra wide panels to allow carts or carriage to move freely.


Fire Protection

When disaster strikes, containment is the key factor. With our offering of Fire-rated doors, frames, access panels and hardware we can help ensure you are prepared should the worst happen.

Parking Management

Trouble-free operation begins before you ever reach the front door. From parking gates and swing arms to presence sensors and activation loops, we have the products to provide you with a seamless experience.


Hotel applications require sustainability for high traffic, specialized access control, and a welcoming look. Our automatic and manual door offerings can be designed to fit any lodging application.

Safety is an ever-growing concern in our school systems. Heightened security doors and access control systems can be put in place to limit exposure. Automatic swing door operators are also an option to aid the disabled in manuevering the facility.



Moving large amounts of people while maintaining safety and security is the number one objective of the transportation industry. We offer platform screen doors, gates, and turnstiles to meet all demands.


Whether it is a new install or a existing retrofit. We have the products and expertise to turn any entryway into an accessible entrance that meets ADA Standards.

Access Control

Physical access control allows you to provide a safe work environment for all personnel, identity who is in the building, and control access to highly secured areas.

Manufacturing applications have unique challenges, such as temperature control, clean room environments, and moving workers and goods quickly and efficiently.



Government buildings often demand high levels of security, allowing only authorized personnel to move about the facility. We offer blast/ballistic resistant doors to minimize threats and attacks.


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